Relationship Issues | Loma Tai, M.A., MBACP Psychotherapist & Coach
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Family & Relationship Issues

Affairs are often earth shattering and traumatic. The non-cheating spouse struggles with the pain of deceit and breakdown in trust. The cheating partner must live with the pain of having hurt the person closest to them. Each affair is a story which must be gently explained in therapy. Infidelity is usually the last straw in a chain of events that has led to a complete breakdown in emotional intimacy between a two people.
I work with clients to first ascertain what they want and depending on the outcome, set goals with the couple to determine how they wish to proceed. In some cases it doesn’t have to be the death of the relationship altogether and drawing on the work of Marriage and Sex Therapist, Esther Perel, I consider affairs to be a powerful alarm signal that the marriage needs to change. It can mean the death of an old way of relating and the regeneration of a new dialogue and ultimately a ‘new marriage’ to the same partner.
Other relationship problems
Your relationship may be in need of repair. At worst are you emotionally or physically abused? Or do you find that you spend more time bickering and arguing than being kind and caring to one another?
No body should have to tolerate violence in a relationship be it physical and emotional. I will work with you to empower yourself to make changes which create safety and security and rebuild your self respect.
The corner stone of every relationship is respect and intimacy. Intimacy is about how we support one another in our pursuits. Such intimacy is about nurturing differentiation. One important part of being in a relationship is how a couple negotiates togetherness and separateness. How can I be myself in your presence whilst at the same time letting go of parts of myself altogether?
Like affairs divorce is earth shattering, stressful and traumatic.
I can help you work through the emotional roller coaster that accompanies the ending of a relationship through a combination of therapeutic techniques designed to foster emotional resilience and self compassion.
Family Crisis
A family crisis can take many forms: be it behavioural issues with teenagers, or illness in the family.
Using Family Systems Therapy I work to identify how communication has broken down in the family and work with family members individually and in the group to show the impact of their behaviour on the group. The family is then invited with my help to change the dysfunctional system into a healthy one together.
Get in touch:

One of the most important variables for a positive experience is a great fit between client and therapist. I invite you to schedule a free 15 minute enquiry. Please contact me at or phone (44) 7931 939876.


“At a time when our emotions were running high and we were unable to find a way to communicate with each other, Loma made us feel safe allowed us to express ourselves in a constructive and healing manner.
– Couples therapy client (male client perspective)


“At a time when anger was blocking us and we were entrenched in our positions, she made us listen to each other, intervening where necessary to make sure that what we were saying was really being heard by the other. We can’t thank her enough for re-uniting us.”
– Couples therapy client (female client perspective)