Death | Loma Tai, M.A., MBACP Psychotherapist & Coach
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Death & Bereavement

Are you mourning the death of someone close to you? Are you having difficulty adjusting to life after loss? Are you having problems recovering from the loss or feel like you should be over the loss of a loved one? Are you worried that you are depressed?
Grief over the loss of a loved one is a normal process. Working through the loss, or mourning, is a necessary part of grief and includes accepting the reality of the loss, working through the pain, adjusting to life without the loved one, and re-investing emotional energy to your life.
Grieving is an individual process that can be very intense or mild, immediate or delayed, and can last a short or long-time. As a therapist I work with you to support your individual experience and to understand how grief is affecting you emotionally, physically and spiritually. Grief and loss therapy focuses on meaningful ways to track your recovery so that you are in touch with the internal and external clues that show you are feeling more present and engaged in your life..
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