Addictions | Loma Tai, M.A., MBACP Psychotherapist & Coach
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“The difference between passion and addiction is that between a divine spark and a flame that incinerates.”

– Dr. Gabor Mate


Be it drugs, alcohol, food, love, sex or the internet,  addicts struggle every day to control the compulsion to repeat a behaviour over and over again until it destroys them.
In my experience addiction is nearly always accompanied by another disorder like depression and anxiety and results from a person’s unprocessed trauma.
My approach is to support the addict in their battle to sobriety using abstinence techniques and support groups like the AA, or NA’s 12 step programme. When the client has enough emotional stamina I encourage them to go back to the source of the addiction and work to process this. Then, build emotional resilience and stamina and stress coping mechanisms to grow their inner resilience against relapse.  Ultimately I want my clients to feel that their life has regained meaning and hope.
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