Mood Disorders | Loma Tai, M.A., MBACP Psychotherapist & Coach
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Mood Disorders – Anxiety & Depression

Loma’s approach is to understand from the client how the depression and anxiety impacts their life. Then, depending on the severity of the symptoms, design a treatment programme that empowers the client to mindfully confront their difficult emotions and with self compassion learn to accept their existence. By accepting and not resisting or avoiding difficult emotions can clients start to take control of their lives again.

The feeling of worry about past or future events which is crippling, resulting in physical symptoms such as heart palpitations or panic attacks, insomnia, body pain and stiffness especially around the hips, neck and jaw. Secondary symptoms include phobias and compulsive behaviours aimed at controlling the anxiety.
Symptoms of depression include sleep and appetite disturbance, lethargy and loss of interest in life, irritability and fear and a chronic depressed mood.
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Client Testimonial

“I was lucky enough to be introduced to Loma when I was facing challenges with my parents relationship and also struggling to conceive a baby. She was a fantastic support in getting through these difficult times providing really insightful suggestions and help to bring about a positive outcome. I would highly recommend Loma to anyone looking for an intelligent and understanding Counseller.”

– Vice President of Marketing (United Arab Emirates)